About reading I

“That moment when you remove a book’s dust jacket. Never really a reason for it, oftentimes more of an impulse, the book is sitting on the table, maybe it has been sitting there for some time already, maybe there was some frustration that demanded to be acted upon, the sense that there was no other way to get to know the book than this crude act of displacement, this activity of taking it apart.”



Forfatter ukjent. Utdraget er hentet fra samleboken “While we are asleep here, we are awake somewhere else, and thus every man is two men” (2013). Boken kjøpte jeg på en pop-up-bokhandel  i Oslo i 2014.

Illustrasjonsbilde hentet fra Flickr. Tittel: “1974 Watching My Name Go By – Mervyn Kurlansky & Jon Naar, essay by Norman Mailer”. Tatt av Carl Guderian.


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