Smakebit på Søndag: The Book of Awesome av Neil Pasricha


The sound of ice cubes cracking in a drink

This is the sound of your drink getting colder.

It’s the final moment in the sweet series of noises that get you ready for the first sip.

First there’s the glass clinking on the countertop, the crack n’ phshhhh of the soda can opening, the glug-glug-glug pour, the snapping of the ice cube tray, and the quiet bloop-bloop of the cubes dropping in your drink.

These opening acts make way for the big show that is the loud satisfying sound of ice cubes cracking and splitting. As you smile and see your glass frosting up, it’s time to give a little swirl and take the first sip.



Om boken

Alle de fantastiske, små livsopplevelsene i denne boka stammer fra bloggen 1000awesomethings, som Pasricha startet i 2008. Boken inkluderer gullkorn som Popping bubble wrap, Hitting a bunch of green lights in a row, Fixing electronics by smacking them og Reading the nutritional label and eating it anyway.

Litt minus for at den inneholder ganske få bilder, og attpåtil i svart-hvitt. Likefullt en svært leseverdig bok som garantert vil gi deg flere smil i hverdagen.



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