Hot Dudes Reading – Fordi lesing er sexy

Hot Dudes Reading på Instagram tar bilder av smukke mannfolk med en bok i hendene og deler dem med artige captions. Over 880.000 følger kontoen, og det har også kommet ut en bok med samme navn.


imageWhatever prose he’s reading cannot match the beauty of that full beard. He’s like the hot English professor of my dreams, only with way better hair. #voluntarydetention”


“Ahoy handsome! Just caught a glimpse of this elusive beauty reading Moby Dick in the crowded waters of the L train. There may be other fish in the sea, but this white whale has me hooked. #reelmein”


“This Elijah Wood look-a-like is all hunk, no hobbit. He probably weekends in the Berkshires with his golden retriever, hiking and chopping wood with those big hands. He could trek to Middle Earth and I’d still follow. #illtakethatring”

Kilde: Bored Panda.

Se flere bilder på Hot Dudes Reading på Instagram.


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