Guidebook Review: Make My Day Tokyo

“Mix & match to create your perfect day. Choose from Tokyo’s best experiences.”



  • Expert tips and advice get you to the heart of the city’s must-see sights and experiences.
  • Transport planner and pull-out map.
  • Author-recommended restaurants and cafes close to your chosen destinations.
  • Build your own day from more than 2000 combinations.


Handy and inspirational


  • Light and small.
  • Doesn’t drown you in information like most guide books, and still tells you what you need to know about a sight, including how to get there.
  • Offers one dining suggestion that’s close to each sight.
  • Colorful and beautiful pictures.
  • Cheap (100NOK, $10).


  • For inspiration, rather than a book you use to find information. One short paragraph for each sight probably needs to be supplied with other sources.


One of my favorite combinations





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